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Hidden Objects

The Deliberately Concealed Garments Project explores the mysteriously charming practice of hiding clothing in the walls and foundations of buildings for other people to find later.


  1. Anitata said...
    You mean when I stuff rags in cracks to keep the draft out, I am deliberately concealing a garment? Are these people kidding, or what?
    tracy said...
    I don't think so. I can easily imagine doing this kind of thing. I love to hide things. I left poems under the tomettes of my chambre de bonne in the 16th. I wrote notes on the baseboards of my room when I was kid. When I make clothes, I often write things in the lining, on the interfacing, with a sharpie. I went through a phase of leaving pressed flowers in library books.
    You have drafty cracks big enough to stuff rags in? That sounds serious.

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