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When Geeks Become Cool

Last night I watched a documentary called Trekkies 2. Watching this film, I learned about the existence of Star Trek tribute bands. There's No Kill I, NKI:TNG, Warp 11, The Shatners, and others.

mp3s, anyone?
No Kill I
Warp 11

There's also a Klingon metal band in the movie. They're from Portland and call themselves "Stokovor," but I didn't find a website for them. Which makes me wonder if they really exist.


  1. Kai Carver said...
    Wait, you forgot to mention Warp 11 is actually quite good. Unbelievable! I want to see the documentary...
    Also: the landmark court decision concerning Mattel and Aqua's "I'm A Barbie Girl" (which determined that the use of icons is free speech and is in no way copyright infringement) has made it possible for Warp 11 to be a mainstream act is excellent news, even beyond the Star Trek Universe.
    Kai Carver said...
    Kai Carver said...
    This may be the first time Death Metal makes sense to me.

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