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I'm going to make a galette des rois to take to Vigo's daycare tomorrow, so I decided to brush up on what this holiday is all about. Other than eating cake and wearing crowns, of course.

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  1. tracy said...
    My superpower is finding what I want at the Goodwill. I went there yesterday to see what I could find that might work as a fève. I imagined a little porcelain statue of some kind, maybe the Jesus from a nativity scene. Or perhaps an interesting, large, non-plastic button.
    About three minutes after entering the store, I found eight fèves. French-style galette des rois fèves. One of them even had some pieces of dried up almond filling still stuck to it. I bought the six most alluring ones, stocking up for the future.
    I bet they came from Canada.

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