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Singing Science

Move over Free To Be ... You And Me, it's time for Ballads For The Age Of Science. Hymns for atheists!

This is on Jef Poskanzer's endlessly interesting web site. He's the guy who made the Heart Maker.
Frankly, your latest post on Galileo's Gravitron (or whatchamacallit) has me concerned Vigo may not be getting a proper exposure to science from his spacy mom. (Erik, where are you? Do you even read this blog? Do you know what happens here?) I'm joking, of course. Still, please download all these mp3s and have Vigo listen to them until you can't stand to hear them anymore. You might start with It's a Magnet (some skipping due to old vinyl recording), What is Gravity (sounds like he's saying gravity is a farce?), Ballad Of Sir Isaac Newton, and It's A Scientific Fact.
One more thing: the same page links to this wonderful, wonderful video of "The Elements" song (full-screen version) by Tom Lehrer. Learn it by heart and sing it with this midi accompaniment (and here for good measure is my favorite, Poisoning Pigeons In The Park). There's also a recent interview with Tom Lehrer: apparently he's very much alive and kicking, just not singing a lot.
Hmm, I wonder if Leonore would be into these? It's amazing the music parents will put up with to placate their kid. This could be a nice change.


  1. tracy said...
    I was 403d for all those mp3s.
    tracy said...
    I just bought this .
    I think I may have heard him on Greasy kid Stuff. I should reccomend that show to Astrid. Does she ever read these weblogs?
    Who does that song that goes, "We live at the bottom of an ocean of air, an ocean of air, an ocean of air. We live at the bottom of an ocean of air we call the atmosphere."
    Kai Carver said...
    I fixed the bad mp3 links by putting them on my site.
    Chris? How can I upload files onto psychoastronomy? It has faster bandwidth than my cable upload, I imagine.
    I doubt Astrid reads this. But I may send her the link. Though there's no rush: Leonore, though extremely precocious intellectually, is probably still a bit young for this. Then again, you gotta catch them when they're young, Brave New World style!
    Anita said...
    oooh age 8 to 10 I used to drive my stepfather crazy with the Tom Lehrer LP "That Was the Week that Was." He especially hated "Smut!" There has been some Tom Lehrer going around France 2 lately. Better than the flu.

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