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The other day, while looking for visual proof of Tracy's Nordicness (gosh, you wouldn't believe the amount of porn I had to wade through, searching through images for German girl, Danish girl, Swedish girl... sheesh!), I made a bit of a discovery.

Gerda Wegener is an early 20th century Danish painter who lived in Paris and had an interesting life:
biography, photo album, paintings, erotic art (show samples below).

Her husband, Lili Elbe, has his/her own Wikipedia entry, but Gerda doesn't (hmm...).

More of her artwork: Costumes Parisiens, Art Deco print and short bio, Amour à Venise, La Vie Parisienne, Les délassements d'Eros. At work and La Sophistiquette (from this nice gallery). Google Image Search: Gerda Wegener.

A recent novelization of her and her husband's life, called The Danish Girl (Amazon), had some success, though it changed the facts a lot.

sans rapport: The somewhat quirky author of the web pages on Gerda Wegener is a writer and translator called Kenneth Tindall. He has a fascination with his namesake, "William the Translator": William Tyndale - Wikipedia, William Tyndale (1484-1536) biography, William Tyndale Society.


  1. tracy said...
    You have expanded my horizons.
    tracy said...
    I'm using Gerda as my tribe avatar.

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