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Have you seen the kigurumi (toy animal dresser) gals?

(What does that V-sign mean? maybe a gyaru (girl) or ganguro (blackface) thing - in Japan, apparently it's rebellious to look like a California girl - or maybe yamanba (mountain hag) (oh, except they've been obsoleted by the gosurori (Goth Lolita) (OK, I give up, why am I talking about Japanese teenage fashion? (I'm straying from my area of expertise (which is what, again?)) oh yeah, Japanese animal-costume fashion))).
So kigurumi was mainly a kosupure (costume player) thing but there are indications it is going mainstream. These I think are just costumes, not fashion (but who knows).
This appears to be a toy animal dressing up as a toy animal. Stop the cuteness!
(via MeFi)


  1. tracy said...
    Just when I was thinking I might completely abandon fotolog...
    Kai Carver said...
    This is slightly disturbing, and this is just wrong. [UPDATE: No, there's nothing wrong with that picture. I was trying to link to a picture of a greyhound apparently dressed as SpongeBob, but it's gone. OK, this is almost as poignant.]
    tracy said...
    I saw the Spongebob dog. I wonder why they took it down.
    Kai Carver said...
    I only just now caught the lyrics in this pretty fun Gwen Stefani video (only works in IE):
    I can't wait to go
    Back into Japan
    Get me lots of brand new fans
    Osaka, Tokyo
    You Harajuku girls
    Damn, you've got some wicked style...

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