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Meade Instruments, which specializes in telescopes, in financing free planetarium software, available through the PBS show Jack Stargazer. The software will show you what's in the sky now or at any date in the past or future. You can have the constellations drawn in, no constellations, or draw in and name the constellations to learn them yourself. You can also have the computer show you the stars rising and setting in real time or accelerated.

Write to
Meade "Star Gazer" Softwarr
Meade Instruments
6001 Oak Canyon
Irvine CA 92618

Include $1 for shipping and handling. If you're in France I suggest sending a preaddressed envelope with an international return stamp which you can get at La Poste.

Mammals this time

This time I'm not two years behind the breaking news. A new primate has been discovered in the Congo. And an almiqui, a mammal previously believed extinct, was found in Cuba.

Crop Circles

last night I saw part of a documentary about crop circles. I've never been attracted to crop circles because of all the para-whaterver woohoo surrounding them, but seeing the pictures of these things I realized that crop circles are just beautiful.


I spent so much time today screwing around on Friendster. Want to be my friend? I'm tracy and my email address is tracy_the_astonishing at hotmail dot com.


Vampire Squid

This is big news, published in Science, but maybe some of you haven't yet seen these incredible pictures and footage of the newly discovered squid. Squid Links.


I don't have a link for this one, but I just wanted everyone to know that Elvis Presley's manger, the Colonel, was actually an illegal Dutch immigrant named Andreas van Kuijk.

Giant Squid

Four giant squids killed off Spain.

Wiggeldy Woo

Chris Marstall sent me this. It is FREAKING ME OUT!

Know Your Facts

What is the official Ohio State Rock song? (beware, plays automatically). Don't settle for knowing the capitals, learn these arcane state facts.

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