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Transparent monitor screens are all the rage.

Added Link

I finally got around to adding a link here to Pins and Needles, the knitting and bowling wonderwomen.


Spending time on the computer today, I found a weblog called A Little Pregnant, which I've been enjoying. It's a funny, smart woman's diary of her infertility treatment, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Perhaps not for all audiences.


Matthew just pointed me to the online Bullfinch's Mythology. Oh, how wonderful.

This chapter makes me think of the approaching springtime.

The fashion tips

Miuccia Prada is cool. Manolo's shoe blog is entertaining.

Hom, hom

It's one of the joys of living in Paris to see saucy lingerie ads in the streets. Who can forget Aubade's "lessons"? Seeing a giant "Lighten his gloomy mood" poster on a wintry day never fails to give me a little boost.

Currently there's a new campaign using the tried-and-true combo of sexy pic and alluring slogan: "Te faire rougir de plaisir" (to make you blush with pleasure), "Juste pour toi et moi" (just for you and me), ...

Wait, what's going on here? "Pour te faire craquer" (to make you lose it)... Nooooooo!

Here's the ad campaign (Flash, click on "News" at bottom right). And here's some big images.

Meanwhile, I'm moving to Saudi Arabia.


Why do men in Saudi Arabia wear Thobes? Trivia at bottom also good. ref

Latte Art

From the people working at a place called Victrola, a glimpse at what is probably a whole subculture of millions: coffee pourers. Latte art on the web includes hideous websites, many examples from amateurs, and scans of 1994 issues of CoffeeTalk.

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