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Nanowrimo Update

I didn't get a chance to write Wednesday, but I tried to make up for it a little bit tonight. I just finished writing 2,148 words which is more than I wrote all month last year.

My plan this year is not to reread anything. Mostly I am going to tell a string of stories of wild parties. Those are always entertaining. The main character is bored at a wild party and reminisces about wild parties of the past structured around favorite sweaters she has lost while drunk. I will also tell the imaginary lives of the sweaters after their split from the main character.

I may use night clubs with the lights turned on as another device of reminiscence.

I'm about ten days into an experimental 30 days of abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes, which is probably why I am writing my novel completely about smoking, drinking, and taking drugs.

I'm going to let people read the novel as it progresses, not that I think anyone will actually read the whole thing ever. If you'd like to see tonight's big 2,000-word achievement, it is on this Blogger page.

My Job

Christian Crumlish posted my job description on his Power of Many blog.

Bad Snowman

A new Flickr group to love: Bad Snowman


No commentary or reason. I just love this picture.

The toes are Tabor's the photographer is Hive

Nanowrimo Time

I just signed up for Nanowrimo again. This could be my year. All I have going on in November is a full-time job, a trip to Iowa, and moving house. Plus a couple other minor side projects.

I named my novel Backache and put it in the category "Chicklit."

Now I have a map people can add to from my blog. I'm going to start adding good places for halloween costume hunting and good places to go for Halloween shenanigans. Click "continue reading" to try it out.

Pretty Pictures

Enjoy some contemporary retro pin-up girls, photographed by Jim Ferreira.

Google Your Way

Have your way with Google, thanks to Charlie.

via Pogue

New York Halloween

My friend Tomiiko is going to NY for Halloween, so I made her a map of some of the creepy goings-on about town.

I'm already thinking about snow...

Click on to see the sledding map in progress. is a featured resource on I use the "application itself" link for the convenience of the "small extra window".


A photo log dedicated to women drinking tea.

Garfield is Dead

I know most of you all don't like Garfield, but I thought that this was kind of interesting: Garfield is dead

Here it is on the official Garfield website.

Oh My.

Ugly Dress is slightly mean-spirited, but it made me laugh out loud at work.

What's that bug

I was bitten recently by what was likely a dragonfly larva. Brian sent me this link to What's that bug

Thanks Brian.



I miss Paris.

Especially in August.

Is the Big Cherry a rip off of the Twin Bing? Or vice versa? Or is there a whole genre of cherry-centers covered in chocolate and crushed peanuts and all this time I thought that the Palmer Candy Company was the inventor of something really unique in the world of candy.


Celebrity animal portraits by 14.

This is a genre I know has a nice, long history. Can anyone think of some nice 19th-century examples?

DIY Taxidermy

Warning: This is kind of gross. You should have gotten that from the title of the post, but just in case you were skimming..... How to stuff a mouse, taxidermy for beginners.

Personally I'd have made the incision along the belly, not the back.


I've been rediscovering Live Journal recently. It's a great website. I've become hooked on the Davis Square Community.

Today I stumbled on this depressing community of Alcoholic Anorexics.


I wish I had time to check out more of these swimming spots!

Boston and New York are both cities on the sea where I've lived and 90 per cent of the time not even been conscious of being so close to the ocean. Boston really has a lot of urban beaches.

It's amazing what you can do with a laser beam and a watermelon.


500-person synchronized orgy concept porn.

Discovered via Random Good Stuff Who got it from Ethnoerotica who got it mysteriously from this Russian-language live journal.


Tumbleweed Houses

The smallest houses in the whole wide world.

Galettes Coquines

I know that this is a seasonal post out of season, and I apologize for that. I just couldn't wait until the next Epiphany to share these feves coquins from the Boulangerie Cougny in Issoudun.


mutant calf

The shark attack story is interesting enough, but check out the related news underneath!

I was always suspicious of the Weekly World News printing too many stories occurring in Eastern Europe, but no more. Pet Alligator Attacks Drunken Russian Owner! Indeed!

rabbit woman


No man can resist the Giant Bunny-Head Woman.


I've been on a lot of different social sites lately, most of them frequented mainly by middle schoolers. For some reason, this example of teen angst moved me.

I know this little mise en abime has been getting around a lot lately, but I don't care! It's neat!

Cab Blog

A female San Jose cab driver blogs

Trucker Slang

Click "continue reading" to see a map of trucker slang for city names.

MySpace Filter

MyDeathSpace shows you who's cold on MySpace. Mostly kids, pretty depressing.

Player Piano

Someone on Craigslist is giving away a player piano in Cambridge.


With the help of many friends, artist Emily Duffy rolled 18,000 bras donated by thousands of women into a 5-foot ball.

(Brought to you by the Maybe It's Because She Doesn't Have A Proper Bra network)

These are the songs of my life. Last week I learned how to embed mp3 files and starting making this map of the songs of my life. I haven't even made it past 1989 yet. Writing stories about the past really stirs up the memories. The more you remember, the more you remember. It's kind of incredible.

Suicide Wizard

I found this on a MySpace page.



These Alice illustrations are by Thomas Robinson. Comapare the illustrations of many artists by flipping through the pictures on Lauren's Alice in Wonderland Page.

I Prefer Analog.


New Zealand








These are a few of my favorite Places from Platial.




From Paige's Hopeless Romantic Map.

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