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Celtic Toe

I recently learned that my freakishly long second toe is proof of my Celtic heritage.

New Hobby

My new sports hobby is candlepin bowling, which I plan to do while knitting, at Sacco's Bowl Haven.


This is a nice collection of photographs of children who are terrified by Santa Claus.

Dem Bones

The creative stacking in the catacombs is interesting, but there are even better things to do with human bones.

Just a minute ago, KaiCarver logged onto IM...

or so I thought.

tracy_the_astonishing: hey!
tracy_the_astonishing: nice to see you pop up!
tracy_the_astonishing: I missed you
kaicarver: Sorry ? Are you a relative of Kai Carver ?
kaicarver: I'm from IBM, I'm using one of his machine where he left an automatic connection
tracy_the_astonishing: oh
tracy_the_astonishing: drat
tracy_the_astonishing: no, I'm just a friend
tracy_the_astonishing: he's been out of touch lately
kaicarver: right, I'm desperately seeking him for business purpose
tracy_the_astonishing: good luck
kaicarver: thanks..
tracy_the_astonishing: bye.

I Love to be Loved

Matt put up this picture of one of the things I made for la Superette.

I'm So Popular

Today someone started a fan tribe for me.

On one hand I'm flattered to the brink of blushing, and on the other hand I feel like I am obviously spending a bit too much time on the computer.

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