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These would solve my problem of not being able to see the phone I'm talking into. Did this obnoxious MIT student have the idea first?


Aibo's master?

Watch Qrio march, hop, pitch and do a sexy Japanese fan dance.

A True Story

Ran across this poignant short account by Mark Twain, which includes his original manuscript. (via MeFi thread from 3 years ago (don't ask)).


People in Raleigh are at least 25% better-educated than people in Boston (and pretty much everywhere else in the country), statistics say (and they don't lie! via MeFi).


Station X codebreakers in search of the Holy Grail.


Amphibious, human powered works of art. Yes!
(via /.)

Less fun transportation news: 5000 people die from air pollution every year in France. I wonder how many in Paris. *cough*

Fun and morphemes

Euro Time-Waster

Hey, Europe just grew! It's hard to see a down-side to this.

To celebrate, take a silly BBC quiz on the 10 new member countries.

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