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Check it Out

Check out the dolls my students made in the after-school program. It's interesting how some of the dolls look like the girls who made them.

Zupah Cool

Coelacanths are cool.

Robots are cool.

The coelacanth robot is a metal monster, weighing in at 40kg (88 pounds) and measuring 120cm (47 inches) long.

Very Hairy

"The painstaking process begins with sorting the hair, counting out the hairs, tying them in strands, setting up the hair table, weaving the pattern, processing/setting the form, and lastly, applying the findings."


There is a secret for cutting an "invisible" swatch of hair close to the scalp.
Email Emily Mead for details.

Find your DIY hairwork kits here.

Reprinted how-to manual from 1876.

Buy human hair.

What kind of person gets into hair work?

Is it weirder to use your pet's hair.

Bug Blogs, etc.

While working on a post about aphids on Cognoshanty, I came across an insect weblog. It hasn't been very active lately, but there is a lot of neet stuff in it.

There's a link to a bat weblog, a link to a bee blog, the Invasive Species Weblog, Cicada Mania and a scary story of how a dog was killed by bees!

Also interesting:
Beyond Brilliance Beyond Stupidity
Lewis and Clark: What Else happened?

Hollywood Forever

Last night I watched a fairly mediocre documentary called The Young and the Dead. It's about how Tyler Cassity, a hot young cemeterian from Missouri bought the decrepit Hollywood Cemetery at auction and transformed it.

It wouldn't be very interesting except for the scope of Cassity's vision. In the documentary he says, when a celebrity dies, there is immediately a biography ready to be shown. What if when JFK Jr. died the anchorman said, "John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash. Wake will be held on Tuesday, funeral on Friday?" People would be shocked. Yet that is exactly how we do it for our closest friends and relatives.

Part of the cememtery office is a biography studio where, before you die, they will help you produce your own documentary film of your life which will be shown at your funeral, and which will be available at kiosks around the cemetery and online.

Since the making of the documentary, they have gone on to non-death related recordings and opened new cemeteries. You can hire them to capture your child's youth, send messages for free to soldiers overseas, or boost your corporate image.


This ebay item has no bids. (Will expire soon).

This came to me via the Photography Tribe.

Often when I come across something interesting, I bookmark it with the intention of making a post about it at some later date. Then I forget all about it.

Lorbus and Growabrain have been mouldering in my bookmarks for some time now. They are the sort of weblogs I imagine the Sputterly Utter could aspire to be if only I was more dedicated.

Here are a couple example links from those sites:

Fot those of us vaguely thinking about buying some real estate, The Bubble Meter and a Boston-based real estate weblog could make for good reading.

The best paper airplane in the World.

I've also been finding a lot of links on the ever-splendid Art for Housewives. Lastly, it's always interesting to check in on Things Magazine every once in a while.

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