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Read the Weekly Piracy Report to update your image of seafaring criminals.


I got a job at this place today.


Here's something to listen to or read for those of us who love machines.

More New Animals

This is what frogs looked like in the days of the dinosaur.

Geeks need Love

An old high school friend of mine has set up a group for Tolkien fans who are looking for love. He had almost 300 people sign up in 24 hours.

Debating Nanowrimo meeting venues on the forum, I decided to check everyone's websites out. Here they are by username:
Amelie This is the online diary of a first-year UNC student. She's into jui jitsu and wants to be a doctor.
Arctiki A high-school senior's nanowrimo site. Watch his novel-in-progress.
Curlygrrl A single mom and freelance writer's mostly professional page.
Kuniklos The schmancy site of a reincarnated Nazi. Apparently there are several. Links to dead Bonapartists.
Kuya Ongoing comic collaboration, "Death on the Snowfield." Unfortunately on hold for Nanowrimo.
Laurahcory Well-written online journal of a freelance writer in her 30s who is into all things Celtic.
Lithele The weblog of a college student who shares my birthday. She's very manga.
Lulu-Guy Online self-publishing, not a personal site.
NaKaithus Nice online journal of a guy who's into stuff like this.
Space_Samurai Read his Nanowrimo inspired sci-fi trilogy.
Ten Miles to Midnight A College girl's online journal. I don't like chocolate, either.
Tsaiko New site in progress linked to old rants. Why are there no pop songs about impotence? Good question.
Turtyl Nicely designed site evolved from a Yahoogroup of old college pals.


This is for those in need of some good squirrel recipes. Squirrel hunting was always my favorite.

Bored Homestarrunner fans can now join an online community on Blurty. It's called Fhqwhgads. (Beware: sound.)

Caught in Traffic

Eating Out



Play the Striperella game.
Not everyone loves Striperella as much as I do. Ah, those Socialist Workers...


Compare the subways of the world.


Reshaping skulls since 1988.

Legal Fauna

My friend David Suisman sent me this very interesting NYC health code link, outlining which animals it is not legal to have in the home.

Don't forget to sign up for Nanowrimo.

I finally found out what a scuppernong is!

Glaucomys Volans

The "Tree Amigos" shook some of these out of a dead tree they came to cut down.

Uh oh

I broke my glasses yesterday. Now I have to wear my old ones, which are large, rectangular, and black. And scratched.

I bought a Pilates book today. Old Joe Pilates didn't call his method Pilates. He called it "Kontrology". The man loved to hang out in his undies. In the book there is picture of him at age 82 standing out in the snow wearing nothing but his briefs and a pair of ballet slippers. I couldn't find it on the internet. I bet he was a pretty weird guy.

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