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Since I noticed that readership of my weblog (or commentership, at least) rose significantly when homosexual issues were addressed, I decided to find some more.

Googling Old Pals

While working today, I started to think of a girl I knew in high school, who was very interesting. She was beautiful and fairly weird. She had a crazy mom. She and I used to do improv together at thespian competitions. So I just decided to google her. And I found her.


Meanwhile, a long, long way from Jesusland...

France now has a gay TV channel called Pink TV, sponsored by TF1, Canal+, M6 and le tout-Paris. It includes a daily Wonder Woman episode and four porn movies a week. Details and more details. Its ad campaign has some catchy slogans and images: Liberté, égalité, télé. They did get a little carried away with this one, this being Armistice Day and all. I noticed their (many and very visible) ads in the subway get defaced almost as badly as Le Pen ads, so all is not rosy yet (sorry).



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Four Square League

I was intrigued by the flyer at the Someday Cafe, urging hipsters to join the local competitive Four Square League.

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