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Nanowrimo Update

I didn't get a chance to write Wednesday, but I tried to make up for it a little bit tonight. I just finished writing 2,148 words which is more than I wrote all month last year.

My plan this year is not to reread anything. Mostly I am going to tell a string of stories of wild parties. Those are always entertaining. The main character is bored at a wild party and reminisces about wild parties of the past structured around favorite sweaters she has lost while drunk. I will also tell the imaginary lives of the sweaters after their split from the main character.

I may use night clubs with the lights turned on as another device of reminiscence.

I'm about ten days into an experimental 30 days of abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes, which is probably why I am writing my novel completely about smoking, drinking, and taking drugs.

I'm going to let people read the novel as it progresses, not that I think anyone will actually read the whole thing ever. If you'd like to see tonight's big 2,000-word achievement, it is on this Blogger page.

My Job

Christian Crumlish posted my job description on his Power of Many blog.

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