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Ghost Town

Hot Russian biker chick visits Chernobyl: here's her spooky story, with pictures (from Slashdot).

Strange thinking "How cool!" and wanting to cry at the same time.


Listen to this informative program about what to do with all the pet hair littering your home.

Stalin's last army

Hordes of gigantic crabs on their way to invade Europe:

Millions of giant Pacific crabs ... devouring everything in their path ... leaving in their wake what one expert described as "an underwater desert".

The Kamchatka or Red King Crab: a snap of its claw is enough to remove a man's finger ... one leg is enough to provide a grown man with a filling meal.

Transporting the monster crabs to the Barents Sea was originally part of a Stalinist era scheme to provide food for the populations in the north-western Soviet Union.

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