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Celebrity animal portraits by 14.

This is a genre I know has a nice, long history. Can anyone think of some nice 19th-century examples?

DIY Taxidermy

Warning: This is kind of gross. You should have gotten that from the title of the post, but just in case you were skimming..... How to stuff a mouse, taxidermy for beginners.

Personally I'd have made the incision along the belly, not the back.


I've been rediscovering Live Journal recently. It's a great website. I've become hooked on the Davis Square Community.

Today I stumbled on this depressing community of Alcoholic Anorexics.


I wish I had time to check out more of these swimming spots!

Boston and New York are both cities on the sea where I've lived and 90 per cent of the time not even been conscious of being so close to the ocean. Boston really has a lot of urban beaches.

It's amazing what you can do with a laser beam and a watermelon.


500-person synchronized orgy concept porn.

Discovered via Random Good Stuff Who got it from Ethnoerotica who got it mysteriously from this Russian-language live journal.

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