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I've been thinking about getting into fishing again for a long time now. I even bought a rod and reel several years ago while on vacation and never used it.

Here in Germany, in order to get a fishing license, you have to take a course and pass an exam, much like it has been since I was a kid to get a hunting license in Iowa. I have fond memories of my Iowa Hunter Safety Course and I could really use some more practice speaking German, so I think I am going to sign myself up for a course with a local fishing club, in August. The June and July courses, unfortunately, are already all booked up.

The fishing club I found close to home, where I plan to do my course, is called the German Anglers' Federation. I have to pop in there on Tuesday and sign up before the course is all full.

Here's the paperwork I am expected to pull together when I want to apply for my license:

Proof that I passed the fishing test or an old fishing license or a membership card from a fishing club dating prior to April 30, 1995
A valid personal ID or passport and proof of address
One passport photo
An application form

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